Navigation Exercises

  • Navigation Exercises

    Rose’s Intro to Navigation

    Finding Latitude and Longitude Lines of latitude run east and west (across the chart). Lines of longitude run north and south (up and down). Degrees of Latitude Zero degrees of latitude is known as the equator. Latitude goes from zero degrees to 90 degrees north and south of the equator. As can be seen in the image above, Lines of latitude run parallel to each other. There are 60 nautical miles between each degree of latitude. Lines of latitude are a consistent distance apart, so they can be used to measure distance. One degree of latitude can be divided into 60 “minutes”. Each minute of latitude is one nautical mile.…

  • Navigation Exercises

    Pillar Point to Drakes Bay

    You just finished a wonderful dinner and are back on the boat. It’s Thursday evening, and decision time. Do you return home or head up to Drakes Bay for a day or two. Time isn’t an issue. You don’t have to be back until Sunday, or even later if you want. Weather forecast for the next three days. What is your decision? Motor Back Home Motor Directly to Drakes Bay Sail to Drakes Bay Via the Farallon Islands? So, you chose Sail to Drakes Bay via the Farallon Islands Personally, I think you made the best choice. Leaving Pillar Point Harbor, you head to PP, the Pillar Point Approach Buoy…

  • Navigation Exercises

    Navigation Exercises – Golden Gate to Pillar Point

    This navigation exercise requires Chart no. 18645 – Gulf of the Farallones Parallel rule Calculator Pencil Exercise 1 It is June 4, 2020 and you are headed to Pillar Point for the weekend. Slack before flood is at 0724, so you time your arrival at the bridge for 0730. You arrive at R”8” (37° 46.55′ N, 122° 35.18′ W) in the Main Ship Channel at 0830 and turn to 180 (166M). There is fog along the coastline and you can’t see any landmarks or nav aids. Your vessel speed is 6 knots. First, Plot your DR ahead for the next 2 hours (1030). The fog has cleared enough at 0951…

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