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    Basic Keelboat (BKB – ASA 101)

    Sample Daily Agenda Lessons ASA Standard (link to the American Sailing Association Certification Standards Page) BKB Sample Daily Agenda Day One Classroom Getting to Know Each Other Introductions Materials Liability Forms Physical Restrictions and Special Considerations Logistical Considerations Class Timing On dock and boat Dock and Boat Safety Line Handling Basic knots Coiling a Line Discussion of Sailing Terminology; aka  Tack, Tack, and Tacking S.A.F.E.T.O.G.O. and C.O.O.L Getting the boat ready to sail Pre and Post Cruise Checklist Tides, Currents, & Weather Motoring Departing the dock Boat handling under power Docking Picking up a mooring (optional but recommended) Sail Handling Parts of a Sail Raising and Lowering Sails Reefing Sailing…

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